Reclaim your privacy and data online

BlockChat is a decentralized encrypted messaging platform built on Blockstack

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Why BlockChat?

Censorship Resistant

Your messages are encrypted. No central servers or databases makes platform censorship impossible

Control Your Data

You keep your data in your personal storage system. BlockChat doesn't collect any meta-data on our users, giving you protection from surveillance

Authentic Identity

Verify your conctacts using a blockchain-based ID

Secured by the blockchain

BlockChat uses Blockstack, a decentralized naming and storage system secured by the Bitcoin blockchain, for identity and storage

Think BlockChat is great? You're not alone


BlockChat aims to be the 'decentralized WeChat', offering a truly global communication and payments platform for users and other applications. In future, we plan to add cryptocurrency payments, disappearing messages, themed-channels as well as a mobile app.

BlockChat Team

We're 3 technical co-founders from the African continent with a passion for using technology to empower people.

Avthar Sewrathan

South Africa | Former PM @ Andela | Princeton CS 2018 |

Felix Madutsa

Zimbabwe | Incoming Software Engineer @ Microsoft | Princeton CS 2018.

Richard Adjei

Ghana | Incoming Software Engineer @ Microsoft | Princeton CS 2018.